Friday, November 21, 2008

Index of Scribbles

Note: my most recent stories are listed in the right-hand column on the blog, and may not yet be indexed on this page.

Stories from specific areas/projects in California:
Tehachapi Mountains, Kern County
Mono County
Santa Cruz Mountains, San Mateo County, Santa Clara County
Chimineas Ranch, SLO County

Camera Trapping:
Burrows are like Christmas
Fasten Your Seat Belts
Another Sip of Seep
Hoping for Springs Eternal
Pygmy Rabbitat Round-up
Dust-Bathing Beauties
Jealous Jacks
The Bears of Summer
A Real Baby Boomer
The Alder Host
I Brake for Brachys
Splitting Hares
Getting Down with the Munks
Pygmies of the Great Basin
A Gray Day
The Land Lords
Pioneers and Pale Ales
Bobcats Boogie & Wildcats Waltz
The Daily Deluge
Almost Out Weaseled
Love Is in the Air
Exclusionary Principles, Bird EditionExclusionary Principles
Need More Thrasher
Crushing Birds w/ Cam Traps
Let There Be Lions
Mono Grotto Lotto
A Herd of Hummingbirds
Quién es Más Cute?
Lady Prunus +1
Waiting for Windfalls
Birding In Absentia
Rocket J.
Death By 1,000 Cuts
From A to Zapus
Boomer the Bulldozer
Kit Fox Family - Bonus Tracks
The Terrible Twos
In a Family Way
Deep Science
Of Cactus Mice and Men
Song Dogs of the Santa Cruz Mtns
In Your Face
Eucalyptus Bob
Going Buck Wild
Squirrel Hug
A Stirring Creature
Déjà Bear
Life in Fir
Southern Delicacies
Seeing More Spots
On the Wing
Stray Cat Strut
The Attraction of Roadsides
Tin Tub Rubber Ducks
Too Cold, Too Hot, Just Right
An Upright Character
Black Bear Buds
Rock n Roll Roadies
Rock n Roll Bobcat
Chasing Marmots
I'm on a Perch!
At the Stag Party
Wile E. Says Wha???
Bob's Secret Grotto
The Swine Parade
Bobcat Junkies
The Gray Chef
Meet the Parents?
The Total Poser
Does a Bear Rub in the Woods?
Smelly Cat
Hanging with Miss Moss
The Angry Raccoon
A Cure for Cabin Fever
Living in the Sticks
Life on Berry Lane
The Ecotones
Battles Under the Bay Laurel
The Coast Packrats
Forever Foxing Around
Glimpses of Goodness
Becoming Size Wise
Big Boulder Studio, Apres-Bear
The Big Boulder Portrait Studio
Who Chews? IV
Who Chews? III
Who Chews? II
Who Chews?
Short Set Surprises
Stephen Colbert's Nightmare
Counting Toes
More from the Aspens
All Ears
Always Put Collars on Your Kitties
Double Double Trouble
3 Goldilocked Bears
Spots and Stripes
Deer vs. Kangaroo
A Fossorial Living Fossil
Where the Dear Lil Antelopes Play
Just Another Manic Marten
Just Add Harmonica
Return to the Bat Cave
Cirque de No Soleil
The Artist Formerly Known as Lepida
Beauts and Beasts of Calico Spring
Thrills on Gooseberry Hill
Lynx rufus Redux
An Owl That's No Pussycat
Still Life on Mossy Log
Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger
Coyote Cute - The Day After
Coyote Cute
Backwater Bassariscus
California Bayous
The Cautious Cougar
Marauders at the Mini Mine
The Lazy Willow
Cool Cat #3 - The Wowcat
Cool Cat #2 - The Polecat
3 Cool Cats
Path to the Sentinel Stones
The Bat Cave
Pffzzzt - Glug, Glug
Serendipity Squirrel
Under the Live Oaks
The Meek and the Mighty
The Clockwork Cougar
Trapping the Tehachapis
The Tell-Tale Foot
Fenceline Follow-up
Poison Oak Passage
Under the Apple Tree
Furry Friends of Fenceline Hill
Puma Tales Post Script
Puma Tales
Hello - Is Anybody in There?
Mama Homemaker
First Cuppa Homebrew - hacking homebrew cam traps
Gullies Make Good Sets
End o' Year Lodge Wildlife Report
In the Woods by the Pond
The Other End of the Creek
Over, Under Or Through
When the Wild Things Are
Wall Street in the Woods
Guess Who's Coming to Water
Homes, Homes on Their Range
Who Pinched the Pigeon?
Good to the Last Bite
Bear Necessities

Mammals (sans cam traps):
The Naming of a Shrew
Chasing Marmots - marmots
Bovine Ruminations - pronghorn and bighorn
Puma Tales - cougar population and range sizes
Bad Day to be a Bobcat - bobcat skull we found
Return of the Russian Ridge Coyotes - coyote, bobcat +
Little Ditty About Jack & Diane - jackrabbit paired with a feral domestic rabbit
Russian Ridge Coyote Encounter - coyotes +
Signs of Sierra Life - Animal Tracks
Mule Deer in a Rut - mule deer
Bear Necessities - black bears

Need More Thrasher
Crushing Birds w/ Cam Traps
A Herd of Hummingbirds
Birding In Absentia
Fire in the Sky
Good Gobblers
I'm on a Perch! - portable perch
Bittern Sweet - bittern
Vernal Vole Thinning - egrets
An Audubon Interlude - Audubon's warbler
California Christmas Ornaments - Anna's hummingbird
The Fountain's Head - building a fountain birds love

Rise of the Herpetons
Newt Dance
Red Touch Black, Good for Jack
In the Land of the Wind Puma
The Pursuit of Herpiness
Herp Holiday 2011 - Mojave trip
The Song of Spea hammondii - spadefoot toads
Prehistoric Trail Traffic - california giant salamanders
Fence Lizards in Love - western fence lizards / blue bellies

Om... Om... Omus
Hymenoptera Hotel
Bugsheet Bingo - moths on light sheet
The Day Skippers - skipper butterflies

Flora & Fungi:
Favorite Flora of 2014
Walking On Glass
Let's Get Small!
Panaminty Fresh
January or July?
Fave Flora Seen in 2013
The Ephedra Rave
Oregon Trails
Wonders Never Cease
Free Basin
You Gotta Look Sharp!
Low Standing Fruit
Backyard Beauties of 2012
Krummholz und Knieholz
21-Monkey Salute - monkeyflowers
Jewels in the Desert - Mojave flora
Fave Flora of 2011
In the Lands of the Mono - Mono Basin flora
The Importance of Reading Ernest - on Ernest Twisselmann
A Year in the Trenches - Weed Warriors of Edgewood Park
The California Calico of Chimineas
Flower Faces of Chimineas - Part Dew
Enjoying a Bit of, Um - "Seasonal Wetness"
Flower Faces of Chimineas
Primavera-Painted Chimineas
Tell it on the Mountain - San Bruno Mountain
The Yellowfields of Sierra Summer - Tehachapi tarweed
Aliens Among Us - Calochortus tiburonensis +
Toiling with the Lilies of the Field - late spring wildflowers of Sierra
What a Little Sunlight Can Do - mid-spring wildflowers of Sierra
Early Bloomers - early spring wildflowers of Sierra

Parks, Preserves & Hikes:
Walking On Glass
CSI: Edgewood
A Year in the Trenches - Weed Warriors of Edgewood Park
The California Calico of Chimineas
Flower Faces of Chimineas - Part Dew
Enjoying a Bit of, Um - "Seasonal Wetness"
Flower Faces of Chimineas
Primavera-Painted Chimineas
Tell it on the Mountain - San Bruno Mountain
A Year of Edgewood Park
Return of the Russian Ridge Coyotes - coyote, bobcat +
The Chimineas Ranch
Aliens Among Us - Calochortus tiburonensis & Ring Mountain Preserve
Russian Ridge Coyote Encounter - coyotes +

Hard to Classify:
Pioneers and Pale Ales
Drinking from the Firehose
A Note About Big Brothers
Winter Wildlife Watch
Life in the Lower Montane - Year 1
Pond Terraforming - Year 1


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