Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fenceline Follow-up

After the fun I caught with the Reconyx on our Fenceline Hill, I decided to go ahead and set there again, but this time with the Moultrie. It's not as fast as the Reconyx, but can take slightly better photos. Besides, the Reconyx was elsewhere, as are my other homebrew cams.

The results were nothing unusual. Many of the same characters as we saw the month before. No skinny mountain kitty though, and the bear and coyotes didn't come by nearly as often - perhaps because the manzanita berries along the trail are mostly finished.

I do like the camera angle and level - it's low to the ground and pointing downhill, which gives it an eye-level point of view for medium-sized animals coming uphill towards it.

Pointing a camera downhill also helps keep the harsh sun off the front, and can reduce false triggers (pointing uphill can open the face of the camera to the sky and sun).

Morning jack showing off his incredible ears

deer traffic jam
Mule deer traffic jam. Those are some seriously long spikes!

Ole black bear stops to smell the coyote scat I left out (for just that purpose)

Turkeys ignore the scat - like us, they can't smell much

scrub jay
This dashing western scrub jay posed so nicely that I had to include it

Turkeys look cool in black & white too

2 bobcats
A foggy night and a pair of bobcats! Maybe we'll get bobkittens next year

good ole wile coyote
Coyote delivering a retort to the calling card, or freshening it up (if it was his to start)

Gonna have to try a homebrew there next year.




  1. Great pictures!!! I DO love that jack and those fantastic ears!

  2. Such a great shot of the Jack. Really like the angle on the turkeys too.

  3. Good shots. Especially the shot of the Jack and the turkeys in single file. The Jack look's huge.

  4. Very cool photos! This is the first time I have seen photos from this kind of camera. It was a treat to see what can be seen when you're not around and it looks like you have an animal freeway going there. I'm very near you in NF along Mallum Ridge Rd. I just started my blog this summer about the plants and animals found on our place. I was delighted to see all the familiar plants, etc and learn what you have found. I'd like to keep in contact if you want to.

  5. That low angle does work well for Jack and Turkey height critters, doesn't it? Gonna have to try some more sets low like that.

    sierrafoothillgarden Sue - glad you found my blog. Yes, these cameras are a blast. Bet you have many of the same beasts out Oakhurst way too... :)


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