Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Tell-Tale Foot

Back in November I was test driving a newly hacked homebrew camera trap on the birds that visit my suburban backyard fountain, and accidentally left the camera out overnight.

When I pulled it the next day to load my "bird" pics, I was surprised to see a night shot in the mix.

Ah, yes. El bandido de la noche. Caught black-footed.

the tell-tale foot
Corollary to the adage that a pic = 1,000 words: sometimes they're worth 1,000 laughs

My friends recently noted that urban & suburban raccoons have been in the news in the San Francisco Bay Area. Guess people are realizing that they like pet food, can go though doggy doors, and aren't easily scared off. In fact, raccoons are more than happy to square off with Felix and Fido, or even you and me.

They're also clever little critters with great hands and noses that know how to search every nook and cranny, and can climb quite well. In some neighborhoods they've even learned to turn up new sod to get at the earthworms underneath. Impressive.

I truly think folks have no idea how often the little rascals prowl their neighborhood backyards looking for dinner. The above isn't the only time I've gotten them in mine, btw. Seems like every time I leave a camera out overnight for a test...



I imagine that my fountain is probably a bit of a draw, even though there's nothing edible in it. They are riparian beasties, and can't stop their endless quest for tasty water-front snacks.

Here's a shot from the new homebrew of said fountain and birds:

fountain finches
Homebrew camera trap photo of finches on the fountain

And here's some more raccoon shenanigans I've caught on my cam traps:

raccoon swimming
Raccoon swimming - this set was on the edge of the pond to get ducks

A bandit making fun of humans with his friends... "and they all walk like this... dumpty-dee doo, dumpty-dee doo..."

bright-eyed raccoon
Little bit of red-eye - or they're working on laser vision

Up in the tree fort - of course

"Eating the frogs in the pond? No - I haven't seen anyone eating frogs..."

Their recent jaunt up the apple tree

Now if I could just get some photos of their cousins, the ringtail.




  1. You captured them at their best and worst. They are such crafty critters. Love that wet foot!

  2. Oh man that wet foot photo is funny. Looking forward to seeing some bird photos from the fountain.

  3. Wow, it'd suck to be something a raccoon wants to eat. Climb, swim, run -- triathletes, for sure!


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