Monday, April 11, 2011

Marauders at the Mini Mine

As we just saw, those sibling black bears are really getting around.

Here's the story of a 3rd location, and another adventure in camera trapping...

Over a mile up the creek from where we first saw Chocolate 'n Sable, and not quite 3 from The Lazy Willow, there's a notch in the hillside, and a mini mine, that appears to be in limestone.

It's about 3-foot high and 4-foot wide, and I have no idea how far it goes back - being crawling height, we didn't much wanna sort it out during bear denning season.

But us cam trappers love mines and caves and nooks and such. They attract cool critters, and can yield interesting, photogenic scenes. 

So, we couldn't help but set a cam - outside, pointing out - to see what might come in or out:

cam set 7
Camera near entrance to mini mine

In the case of this mine, our "cool critters" turned out to be the sibling bears, and our "interesting, photogenic scene" the rock hillside, as the bears quickly had their way with the camera...

black bear

black bears

black bear

black bear

rock art?

Blasted cute bears.

The sequence kinda suggests they may have come out of the mine, but that could just be a happenstance of trigger timing.

Regardless, we're definitely gonna have to set this mini mine again.

But next time with a much sturdier post.

Haven't I said that before?




  1. makes me laugh out loud!!! can't wait to see what you get next with these 2!

  2. Ya sure do live in some beautiful country!

    Wish we had caves and what-not close by!!

    Good camera set!


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