Friday, April 15, 2011

The Cautious Cougar

An old, well-loved horse had died down in the Tehachapis, and in the fashion of ranches, the carcass was taken out to a "respectful distance" to be returned to nature.

By the time we happened by, the clean up was well underway, but we still wanted to set a cam to see who the late mourners might be.

Unfortunately, all we had was a low-qual Moultrie trail cam. But they do video, so we set it for that, and figured we'd pretty much get lots o' grainy vids of vultures by day 'n coyotes by night.

cam set 9
Camera set on the late horse

Alas, all we really caught was curious cattle and cattle dogs. And the cattle quickly knocked the cam around until it was pointing at nothing but rocks and ground.


As you can see below, we did get one short video that's fun and educational.

Seems kitty, who came up from the creek (stage right in scene), didn't like the smell of the humans and dogs, and decided to exit the scene cautiously yet quickly...

Probably not a bad quality to have in mountain lions.

That, and a taste ONLY for deer...





  1. nice surprise catch!

    unfortunately dead horses and cattle that get left in pastures here - or even buried by a backhoe in one case - get eaten by coyotes and piece by piece get dragged back into my yard by my dogs!!! skulls, shoulders, vertebrae, legs, etc. all rest in peace in my pond!!!

  2. By my reckoning I flew above there (or not too far away) last-week-and-a-bit ago, and I looked down and thought about your camera traps.

    Super kitty.

  3. Cautious kitties, unlike curious kitties, live longer.


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