Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Good Gobblers

They may not be native to California, but if our President can pardon 2 and give them Facebook identities, then I figure I should post a few photos of the birds we love so much this time o' year.

When smothered with gravy.

wild turkey showing fall colors

mom wild turkey and babies

cruising main street

female turkey showing colors

turkey dust bath

curious turkey

big male wild turkeys

wild turkey struttin' his stuff

wild turkeys

Hungry yet?

Happy Thanksgiving all.



  1. They aren't native to California? We sure do have a lot of them...I'll have to read a bit about that and get myself up on their origin.
    I don't happen to be cooking a turkey today and have only eaten wild turkey was tough bird...and I prefer to see them all feathered as you've shared in this great flock of pictures.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you.

    1. Yes, they're native to east of the Rockies and were introduced to the West for hunting/game. And while they are an attractive bird, they can be very destructive to ecosystems, and out west we really don't have the predators to control them, so their numbers are booming.


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