Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Deep Science

As a homegrown naturalist and camera trapper, it's always gratifying to contribute to science and help solve critical riddles still haunting wildlife biologists.

Q: In the Great Basin, in early winter, how long does it typically take for bobcat shit to dry?

bobcat pooping
7:08am PST

bobcat pooping
19 seconds later - fresh and nutty brown

bobcat poop
2 days and 12 hours later at 7:50pm PST - dry and white

A: about 60 hours, or 3 day cycles.

I expect my honorary PhDs from multiple esteemed Universities will be in the mail soon.

But you can all start calling me "Doctor" anytime.

A shout out to JK over at CTC for finding the latrine. But he already has a PhD on the way, so is quite familiar with how much crap-work it takes to get one. :)



  1. Can you repeat those results? Stats? Actually, I would have guessed 2 weeks. Varies by location? Last meal?

  2. You're exceeding your limit of camera-trapping fun, Dr., sir!


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