Monday, December 5, 2011

Big Boulder Studio, Apres-Bear

Unlike other Tehachapi bears, the bear that visited the Big Boulder Portrait Studio only made minor adjustments to the camera.

And, as we've seen in the past, critic bears can sometimes have a good eye.

In this case, the bear tilted the camera back, pointing it up at a large crack in the boulder.

The cam then caught the woodrat, that apparently lives in said crack, doing some home repair:

Woodrat doing a little nest building - looks like dried algae from the creek

Bringing back a stick

And another face full of scruffy fluff

deer mouse
Deer mouse that's likely a housemate of the woodrat

By day, the crack, and perhaps the woodrat midden, saw several other species too...

grnd squirrel
California ground squirrel chilling in the crack (and perhaps looking for a snack)

Desert cottontail doing a little rock climbing

California towhee looking for lost insects and loose seeds

Western fence lizard retaining enough heat to trigger the camera

Sure hope my cameras don't start developing Post-Traumatic Bear Disorder (PTBD). Psychoanalyzing electronics can be such a pain.


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  1. Go bears! Who would have thought so many small animals would live or visit a crack in a rock? Gives new meaning to the term "crack house."


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