Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cool Cat #2 - The Polecat

11 days and 148 false-trigger photos after the bobcat stare-down, two more cool cats strutted through the scene. One at 3:40am, and the other in the evening at near 7pm.

Similar to bob's alert-and-ready-to-run stance, the follow-on 2 cat visits both give us a sense of the defensive postures of each species.

The first of the two was a little 'ole polecat. In this case the wonderful western spotted skunk, Spilogale gracilis - both going and coming:

spotted skunk
Spotted skunk tail going away from camera at 3:40am

spotted skunk
Spotted skunk doing handstand to look bigger and more threatening

Btw - the nickname "polecat" likely comes from Pepe's habit of raiding chicken coops. "Pol" coming from the Old French for chicken - "poul" - that we use today in words such as poultry.

It's not a perfect pic - tad blown out, and not quite in focus, but it shows the little skunk's defensive behavior well, and us cam trapper / field biologist types love good behavioral shots.

And if the bobcat's defensive posture was looking alert, suspicious, and ready to run, this lil spotty's message seems to be:

"Don't make me use this..!"

Btw2 - I know I'm taking liberties with the word "cat." But, I'm guessing that based on Codger's recent success, many of y'all might have thought we'd gotten a "miner's cat" - or ringtail.

But alas - no. Not yet.

And that clue probably tells you what our 3rd cool cat was...






  1. That is an AWESOME skunk stance! Armed and dangerous, for sure! Loved it! Can't wait for Cat #3!

  2. What a great capture. We do love our behavior shots.

  3. Ditto! Getting a shot of that hand-stand was excellent!

  4. Really good picture of the hand stand, I was wondering if I could use it in a skunk youtube educational video I plan on doing soon?


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