Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello - Is Anybody in There?

I'd guess some of my readers have been wondering that about me - Randomtruth - Ken.

Well, I've been out in the woods and over the dales a bunch, and since writing doesn't come easily to me, a few days at home here and there are generally never enough to get me through a full post to the point of publishing happiness.

So, I'm way behind on telling y'all about some of the fun spring and early summer floral & faunal wonders I've seen, photographed and cam trapped.

In other words - hopefully you'll forgive me when you start seeing photos with pretty spring flowers in dry, dryer August and September.

So let's try to get things rolling again with a little ditty out of the Sierra Nevada...

When we last got together, we met Mama Homemaker, the lovely lady Dusky-footed Neotoma fuscipes (now Neotoma macrotis) that lives in the old oldhouse:

active woodrat nest in outhousewoodrat shows stick to camera

As part of my violations of her privacy, I also put my fast Reconyx trail camera inside the old outhouse, on the back wall, pointing out the door.

Thought it might be fun to see who comes a knocking over the course of a month.

I.e., her solicitors - in general.

Btw - sorry for the mediocre pics. The Reconyx R60 is fast, and misses few shots, but has low image quality - especially at night with the IR flash and high ISO black & white shots. Hopefully that's something Reconyx has sorted out in this year's over-priced 8MP replacement model.

Mama Homemaker's first caller was a fine southerly Virginia opossum, with proper manners...


Ground Squirrel also peeked in, maybe looking for a new home:

ground squirrel

Gray Squirrel visited often:

gray squirrel

And Jack stopped in for a howdy once:


Skunk and Raccoon shuffled by multiple nights - perhaps to borrow a cup of worms or crickets?



And, of course, Mama Homemaker herself was out on her doorstep often:


The local Mulies poked their heads in now and again:


And on the very last night, a dainty Bobcat came by. I'm guessing it wasn't to use the facilities...


But the final visitor at the set was the most alarming of all!  :)


Quail, jays and robins also visited. Eleven species as friends. Not bad for a country woodrat.




  1. Bobcats sure love to show up just in the nick of time.

  2. What a hoot!! I certainly enjoyed this post and all of Mama Homemaker's visitors. ~karen

  3. Quite the cast of characters. Congratulations on the bigfoot shot. :)

  4. This is a great post of pics! Great idea to setup your camera towards the entrance.

  5. Love seeing all these photos. We are not aloooone!


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