Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Bat Cave

While the bats were away - likely hanging in warmer temps for winter - we set a cam trap.

bat cave peak

It was a location we figured would surely yield black bears - but the camera saw none.

cam set 3

However, as usual, foxes showed several times to sniff, rub & roll - and inspect the cam:






Btw - you may notice that the floor of this cave doesn't look much like bats have been inhabiting it for long. Caves such as this one were mined out during WWII for the built-up guano. Seems it's very high in potassium, and thus useful for making 'splody stuff.

A big bobcat also spelunked the cavern (catwoman?):


And 2 rodents scampered through the scene (the hunted?) - a California pocketmouse, Chaetodipus callifornicus, and probably a pinyon mouse (but maybe a deer mouse):

kangaroo rat

pinyon mouse?

A nice cast of characters - and yet another set that might be fun to try, try again.

When the bats return. :)

Species list after latest round of traps: black bear, cougar, gray fox, bobcat, spotted skunk, Merriam's chipmunk, western gray squirrel, big-eared woodrat, a Cal pocketmouse, an unknown pocketmouse, 2-3 Peromyscus mice species, and valley quail.




  1. Great shots! Love the fox and bobcat!

  2. Yes, fantastic shot of Bob!

  3. Good stuff and nice location.
    I always like seeing them foxes, they are pretty little things.

  4. Cool pics! Nice shot of the gray fox scent-rolling!

  5. Glad everyone is liking the Tehachapi trapping, because there's more to come. And many more foxes too, of course. :)

  6. The unknown kangaroo rat appears to be a California pocket mouse (Chaetodipus californicus). The long guard hairs on the haunches and the relatively small eyes help distinguish this species from kangaroo rats.

  7. Cal pocketmouse, huh? I can see that now. The stance made me think wet k-rat, but my experience with both is extremely thin (as you know!).

    Thanks Craig!

  8. The fox is so beautiful. I appreciate seeing it on your website.


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