Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pffzzzt - Glug, Glug

Our 3rd Tehachapi set was in a narrow, rocky side drainage, that's encrusted with buckeye, juniper, yucca, sage, and desert olive.

We set the post for the cam on a flat under a juniper, pointing up the craggy gauntlet.

Our mind's eyes could perfectly picture ringtails scaling the rocks for water and berries.

cam set 2
Cam pointing up a steep slot canyon

Weeks later, when the heavy rains and flooding hit the area, I thought: "Hmmm... I wonder how that cam under the juniper is doing??"

Come to find out, not well.

glug glug
Glug, glug

But when we reviewed the photos on the dried-off card, we found that the camera had fritzed and taken 170 continuous flash shots soon after we had set it up. The deluge and drowning had not caused its demise. A short in the wiring had.

I.e., it wasn't mother nature to blame, but the nut at the end of the wrench - me.

Too bad too - couldn't you just see a ringtail climbing down those rocks?

box cyn
1 of 170 perfect pics without ringtails




  1. That was a great looking set, too. What a bummer though. Sorry, mann. The controller might still work though.

  2. Unbelievably, the camera dried out fine, and is all now working again.


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