Friday, November 21, 2008

Stories from the Santa Cruz Mountains

Posts from my camera trapping and exploring in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Within each year, ordered from most recent to oldest.

Crushing Birds w/ Cam Traps
Let There Be Lions
Lady Prunus +1
Waiting for Windfalls
Death By 1,000 Cuts
Red Touch Black, Good for Jack
The Pursuit of Herpiness
Song Dogs of the Santa Cruz Mtns
Fire in the Sky
Eucalyptus Bob
Going Buck Wild
The Naming of a Shrew
Low Standing Fruit

Hanging with Miss Moss
Vernal Vole Thinning
Living in the Sticks
Life on Berry Lane
The Ecotones
Battles Under the Bay Laurel
The Coast Packrats

Lynx rufus Redux
Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger
Coyote Cute - The Day After
Coyote Cute
CSI: Edgewood
A Year in the Trenches

Tell it on the Mountain
A Year of Edgewood Park
Return of the Russian Ridge Coyotes

Prehistoric Trail Traffic
Russian Ridge Coyote Encounter


And random wildlife stories from my backyard on the SF peninsula:

A Herd of Hummingbirds
Om... Om... Omus
Backyard Beauties of 2012
Hymenoptera Hotel
An Audubon Interlude
California Christmas Ornaments
The Day Skippers
The Fountain's Head


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