Sunday, March 16, 2014

Codgerama 2014

For folks that are fans of my cam trapping techniques, the yearly window has now opened for you to learn directly from the master mentor that taught me the methods: the Camera Trap Codger.

Yep, that Internet-renowned Asian elephant tamer, woodrat trainer, axe-afficianado, owl voyeur, gooseberry de-gooser, Redhead annoyer, DIY cam hacker, lover of old snags and Himalayan haute-couture, dog brainwasher/washee, and even PhD Mammalogist, is again offering his Camera Trapping Workshop at the SFSU Sierra Nevada Field Campus this July 13th to 18th.

Since I was long-winded about the workshop several years ago, this time I'll keep it short, and let you be inspired by the beauty and bounty of past years.

Areas featured in these photos: the Plumas National Forest around the SFSU Field Campus, which is on the Yuba River near the Yuba Pass, the Sierra Buttes, Haskell Peak, Deadman Lake, and the incredible Sierra Valley and Marble Hotsprings Road, an Audubon designated Important Bird Area. All spots you can explore and cam trap during the workshop.

Hope to see you there.

the sno park at the yuba pass  bog orchids  snowplant macrodactylum  perfect pardalinums  pika peaks yellow-headed blackbird  aplodontia  elephant heads clodius parnassian  camas lily  flying squirrel and marmot love too  big and fragrant  codge in tree quiet bystander  cloud rings  lewis monkeyflower evening grosbeak  a perfect lily  great trees leichtlin's mariposa  bittern bear cub  primrose monkeys  steller's jay big firs  deadman lake & peak  mtn pride  pine marten  a lesson in the woods balsam root wildflower hill  golden-mantled eating fungi  gray fox scarlet gilia

My blog posts from our cam trapping adventures at past workshops:

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