Friday, July 13, 2012

Wile E. Says Wha???

On a dry hillside in the pinyon pines of the eastern Sierra, where red bluffs reign, and coyotes howl every night - one of those song dogs recently gave the cam trap a very amusing look.

A look that brings to mind that much-loved character of the west - Wile E. Coyote.

"That's Wile E. Coyote - Supra-Genius. Seen any roadrunners?"

And while no roadrunners went by the camera (I double-checked), a few small deer did. Perhaps even small enough for the crafty Wile E. - if he finds a friend.

Lady deer that better watch out - I saw an ACME delivery truck around

A bobcat also did the downhill slink:

Bobcat huntin' through

Likely hoping to catch one of the many squirrels and chips that patrol the area for pinyon and jeffrey seeds. At 25ish lbs, western bobcats are generally too small to take deer or even fawns.

golden-mantled ground squirrel
Golden-mantled ground squirrel - a new species for the survey area (but not a surprise)

least chipmunk
Least chipmunk - mouse size and well colored for the habitat

Still no porcupine, though.

Perhaps they're no longer in the area, and all the chew marks on the pinyon pines are old. Or, maybe they're ghost-ninja porcupines that move faster than my cams can take photos. Or... somewhere in-between.

Damn uncooperative spiny rodents.

Happy coyote Friday!



  1. Wonderful shots. Keep the camera just where it is. No telling what might show up.

  2. as always..thank you for the wonderful sharing

  3. very nice, How far is the camera is placed from the subject and waht kind of cam are you using, are you still using the pentax e50 with yeti board? I really enjoy your work

  4. Thanks gang.

    vermenton: this homebrew is a Yeti, but uses a Sony s600 camera. They're 6MP, have a strong flash, and focus well with a good depth of field. A pain to hack, though. As for distance, in this case the cam was on a post about 12 feet from the tree, and 24" off the ground.

  5. I love the Coyote! Thinking of making it my wallpaper at work ;) I also like the Bobcat photo a lot.


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