Friday, May 4, 2012

The Total Poser

If you're allergic to cute, then I recommend you avert your eyes and quickly hit the back button.

Because, this photo I picked up last weekend from a cam trap in the Tehachapi Mountains has already been shown to cause cuteness seizures and even total awe-shucks stupification.

My cam trapping bud JK over at Camera Trapping Campus even went so far as to accuse me of taxidermy (thanks for the idea).

But it's ok. I understand. I barely believed it myself when I saw it on the cam in the field.

I give you Simba californica - the California Lion King:

simba californica

About 4-5 months old, and probably a male (per Codge, based on stoutness). And get this - the photo was taken just 4 hours after we left.

Here's 2 more as he slinked out of the scene:

simba californica

simba californica

The only problem with a perfect pic like the one above - precedent.

I mean - what can I possibly do now to impress you?



  1. !

    Want that baby kitty!

    What a PERFECT photo, and yes, the conundrum you now face is among the sweetest to endure. Start w/ perfect, GENIUS photo--now what.

    Maybe pass around the hat, for donations to support your genius. =)


  2. Now that I have seen the other two photos I am willing to believe it is in fact real. Too hard to make taxidermy move and pose like that. Unless you have a robotic Mt. lion cub. Hmm?!

    But seriously, congrats on that fantastic image. You just raised the bar again.

  3. Don't worry. Photos of obscure rodents are still interesting to see. Although you're not likely to top this one anytime soon.

  4. A co-worker didn't want us to share a photo of a mountain lion track I got on a preserve because he said it would scare people. I just sent him a link to CA Simba to see if that softens him up any. "Stoutness" - yah, that is a good description there. Fantastic background to boot.

  5. I used up my dismay earlier this week when JK first passed along the

    A hearty tip of the hat, senor.

  6. Incredible! The first does look like a staged shot, like one of those old natural history museum dioramas... but of course, you have the additional pics to prove otherwise. This needs to be entered into the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013 contest. Seriously.

  7. Holy crap!

    Another brilliant series of pics, RT!

  8. Nicely done! Wozers! Amazing! Gf said the same thing with her "Awwwwww..."

    Great job!

  9. Wonderful painterly shot, Ken. Just terrific. You've been on a roll, mann.


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