Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Coast Packrats

Happy 2012 all. With the holidays over, it must be time to get back to exploring & storytelling.

For those folks that are rodent-phobic, or just don't care about the little scurries, I'm sorry to say, but you might wanna ignore my blog for a few posts.

Because it's about to get all woodratty up in here, as I lay down the natural law on one of my fave California characters, the San Francisco Dusky-footed Woodrat, Neotoma fuscipes annectens.

But, if you are a fan of the ole Cal packrats, stay tuned, because this is gonna be fun.

As a teaser, let me introduce you to the cast of players you'll be seeing during these next several episodes of Woodrat Theater...

First up - The Most Interesting Couple in the World:

most interesting woodrat in world
"I don't always collect bottle caps, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis"

lady most interesting
"If you keep leaving your bottle caps lying around, I'm gonna slap you silly"

Joining them are The Ecotones - that couple always on the edge:

mrs. ecotone

mr. ecotone

The mysterious Madam Toyon (and the woodie who loves her, blind eye and all):

lady toyon
"I see a long, dark-faced stranger in your future - oh hold on - that's my future"

the dark faced stranger
"Isn't her blue eye the coolest? Reminds me of the first marble I found..."

Lady Prunus - owner of the most popular boarding house on Berry Lane:

lady prunus
"I'm not showing yet, am I?"

And Miss Moss - who may not have a suitor yet, but has many friends:

miss moss
"Hey cutie - how about you come up to my stick house and I'll show you my etchings"

Coming soon: Episode One - Battles Under the Bay Laurel.

Editor's Post-Note: here are the woodrat stories that followed this introductory post:


  1. Your commentary is fabulously funny! I can't wait for your next posts.


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