Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just Add Harmonica

As soon as I saw the area around this Tehachapi spring, I knew I had to set it.

The scene was just so scruffy and western and full of California character.

mmmm carbonates

I scrambled up the rocks and set the cam just above the seep, where the post could grab some dirt, and a well-worn game trail trickled down from the hillside.

Unfortunately, it lasted only 3 nights. When I picked the cam up, the post was 1/2 out of the ground, bent back, and the cam facing the sun.

A neat trick too - since I had pounded the long post in 12 inches, and had piled large rocks around it. Oh - it was also tucked into a yucca - the plant lovingly called "Spanish Bayonet."

So whatever got it, did so with stealth, or by day, because the camera was set for night only, and no photo was caught of the assault.

Yet, in just 3 nights, some fun photos were caught.

As usual, the gray foxes were the first to show, scratch and sniff the scene:


I believe the laid-backed ears and pointed down tail is a sign of submissiveness. I.e., foreground fox is saying "hey - when you're done - I'd, ya know... like a sniff too, ya know..."



On night 2, this brownish black bear showed to also enjoy the scents of the scene. Perhaps this is the brute that bear-handled the camera? That grin seems to foreshadow such mischief...




And, on night 3, this sleek bob strutted through...


And that's all she wrote. After that the cam stared into the sky, and the eneloops slowly died.

But I'm definitely gonna give this spot another try.

This Tehachapi mystery needs a sequel.




  1. beautiful shots! damn bear... ha!

  2. wow. What great STUFF! Yes, I fervently hope you reinstall that pup and have better luck re: longevity. I know bears are smart and v. curious and v. strong. "ooh, toy!"

  3. Lovely bobcat once again :)

  4. Love the facial expression on that bear.

  5. I love this post. Those are the best pictures of grays I have ever seen...we never see brown-phase black bears in the East...and that shot of the bobcat really shows how big they can get.


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